Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Completed Thunderwolf Lord, with Added Daemon Prince

If you have seen my previous post on frosting whilst varnishing, then these photos are from before that incident. Thankfully its only a couple of areas affected, but still enough to be gutted about it happening.

Anyway, here is the completed Lord, with his base fully completed and snow covered. In fact I think the snow application is what I am most pleased with on the model. It did take 4 days and 4 layers of snow flock to get to that stage, but I am glad my patience held out for once and I did not rush it.

The wolf claw shown is magnetised and can be exchanged for a thunderhammer as detailed in earlier updates on the model. I may also add in a frost blade to the Thunderlords armoury in the future, once I have decided what my other Thunderwolf cavalry are going to run with. Anyway, here are some other pics I have taken of the model:

And my next painting project is the Daemon Prince who will be joining up with my Slaaneshi forces:

An update for his progress should be forthcoming very soon as currently he is fully basecoated, washes applied and some highlights already added. Progress is really flying with him.

Thanks for reading/looking! As always please feel free to leave comments, questions or just general ramblings.

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