Thursday, 25 April 2013

Completed Trollbloods Army... For Now!

There is something very cool about seeing armies completely painted. Finally I now have one such army, albeit quite a small force. My Trollbloods are finished, I have no other models for them floating around wanting to be painted, for the time being!

28 models make up this particular army - Madrak Ironhide, Calandra Truthsayer, Borka Kegslayer (and his barrel carrying pyg), Fell Caller, Trollkin Hero, Stone Scribe Chronicler, Pyre Troll, 2 x Impalers, Axer, Kriel Stone Bearers, Pyg Burrowers, Dire Troll Bomber and Dire Troll Mauler.

Next thing to do with these guys I need to do is to learn the rules of Hordes/Warmachine thoroughly and get playing a few games of it. Very much looking forward to that!

Anyway, one last picture for you all, so thanks for looking and I hope to see you all again with my next post, whenever that may be!

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