Thursday, 16 May 2013

Terminators Are Back... A Few Completed Wolf Guard

Everybody loves terminators don't they? Well here you are, have a few more. A simple squad of Wolf Guard terminators completed and added to the rest of my Space Wolves!

This is a very basic load out for a squad - 4 x storm bolters, 1 x combi-melta, 3 x powerfists, 1 x power sword and 1 x chainfist.

There isn't really much more you can say about a bunch of Wolf Guard terminators is there?

Another happily completed squad, with more pictures below.

Thanks for looking and I should be back over the weekend with a look at my completed Iron Priest. Work on (finally) completing all my Space Wolves is beginning to take shape now, I hope I don't get too distracted with some Chaos Daemons before that happens!

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