Saturday, 21 July 2012

6th Edition So Far

6th Edition has been out for a few weeks now and I have managed to get a few games in and just about getting to grips with the new rule set.

The very first thing that I have noticed with the new edition is that it is very much based around the 5th Ed rule sets. This evolution, rather than revolution, is much more preferable in my mind and has helped me enjoy the transition across to the newer system.

That said, 6th edition is sufficiently different to be able to stand proudly on its own. The new wound allocation mechanic, for instance, is a more sensible way of allocating hits/wounds than the previous edition, is also forcing the player to think more in the positioning of not just entire units, but each individual model within that unit. A very simple rule change, but one that has the potential to have a huge impact on the battlefield.

Aside from wound allocation I am also enjoying the snapshot/overwatch rules. Granted, you can never rely on it as needing 6's to hit will limit the amount of hits you get, but you can expect a couple to turn up every once in a while, which could have an unexpected impact at crucial times. It is another addition to the game that helps to make it more exciting and fun as an element of chance has a bigger bearing on the events about to unfold.

As I mentioned earlier, I have only managed a few games since 6th edition came out, but already I am very impressed and happy with what we have been given. Certain units have been made weaker while others have received a decent boost, but that was to be expected I feel.

With close combat weapons now getting AP values, models with a 2+ save can be fairly happy as even most power weapons only have an AP of 3. The one disappointing aspect of this is my Wolf Priests (or other chapters Chaplains) only having an AP4 close combat weapon. No longer will my Wolf Priests be able to mash through Marines and Necrons as an unstoppable force, but will allow them their armour saves.

In fact, thinking about it, there is very little I am unhappy about with the new edition. Maybe it is a lack of playtime that helps those thoughts, or maybe it is just that I am pretty happy with them. I am even happy with the hull points on vehicles. Apart from AV10 vehicles which can be destroyed by bolter fire alone, all other armour values require a fair bit of fire sent their direction to topple them, which is similar to before. It is easier to hit ground vehicles in close combat now, but this also means that grenades are more likely to be used and succeed, which results in more things blowing up, which can only be good, right?

Talking of grenades, that is another addition I approve of - throwing grenades indiscriminately at squads, vehicles and monstrous creatures as well as using the grenades in close combat against the bigger creatures that can be found in other armies certainly brings the game more in line with some of the fluff out there, which works nicely for me.

There are a few items within the new rules that I have not come across yet, such as flyers, and other new rules that I have not mentioned in this post, such as mysterious objectives, terrain effects, the new missions/deployments and the all new psychic powers (some of which are astoundingly powerful, as I have found out on occasions). All these extras, in my opinion, have made the game more fun without over-complicating things too much. I look forward to being able to get stuck more in to the whole game and cannot wait till the Chaos Marines Codex comes out now and I can start working out what I want to do with my Slaaneshi force!

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