Thursday, 29 September 2011

White Dwarf 381 - September 2011

Am I too late with this months look through White Dwarf? Probably. Those of you who wanted to know about the second part of the Codex: Sisters of Battle will have already found out all you need to know about it, so Ill keep this short and brief.

This months issue is largely devoted to Warhammer and the Ogre Kingdoms. There is of course the second part of the Sisters of Battle Codex alongside a two-page article on the Court of the Archon, which shows off the new models available to the Dark Eldar (Lhamaean, Medusae, Sslyth and Ur-Ghul). 

Reviews of the Sisters of Battle Codex can be found all of the internet, for instance here at 3++ is the new black. While being an interesting read, the codex hasn't made me want to go out and start using a SoB army. However, having read through the Dark Eldar codex, I am quite keen to begin a Haemonculus based army, but that's a story for another day.

As this is so late in being posted up, I feel it is safe to post up the result of the Sisters of Battle v Tyranid battle, which saw the SoB win by two objectives to one. Nice to see my prediction from last months White Dwarf was correct. No idea what's coming up in next months issue, so I will have to wait a few more days and hope for an interesting surprise!

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